Any classical music fans?

Thought I'd go out on a limb and see if anyone likes classical music, around here. (: And if so, what pieces/composers are your favorites?

Gotta say that my favorites would be Carmina Burana by: Carl Orff, Picutres at an Exhibition by: Mussorgsky, The Salieri Variations by Beethoven, and Mozart's "Abduction at the Seraglio." I have a bunch of others, but it would be a long list. hah. :)


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  • Wagner rocks my face off.

  • high five, I am

    i like Bach, I used to listen to him while studying,

    i don't listen to classical very often but I really appreciate it and the use of real musical instruments, not like today's music, which is mostly digital produced by computers

    (though I like today's music)

    confusing? :)

  • I don't know about classical so much. I like a lot of Orchestral stuff though, regardless of what period, among them; Philip Glass, Stravinsky, Bach, Handel, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Holst... Favourite pieces would be Philip Glass's Glassworks, Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Bach's Pieces for Harpsichord, Handel's Water Music, Debussy I dunno, Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet, and Holst's The Planets.

    I'm really only beginning to explore this kind of music though.

  • Beethoven's 'Für Elise'

  • yh well kinda fan I enjoy listening to it

    katherine jenkins haley westerna

    beathaven fur ellise

    vivaldi spring

    pacabells cannon


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  • I grew up on classical and I've been in the school band since third grade. I can now play several instruments as well.

    I like a huge variety of pieces, most of which I don't know the names to because I heard them on the radio. But as far as more modern/movie style classical music John Williams and Hans Zimmer are my top two. My favorite performer is by far Yo Yo Ma.

    I always loved.. Eric Whittacre I believe the name is. I'm too lazy to check but he writes beautiful pieces, simply georgous.

    Some of my fvorite pieces are

    Pilatus, Mountain of Dragons





    Suite for Solo Cello in Eb by Bach

    Second Suite in F

    First Suite in Eb

    Hallelujah Chorus is extremely fun to play on Bass Clarinet

    There are several other but those are my top few.

    I like just about every composer I hear, there are very few I really don't care for and, in fact, I can't recall any of their names at the moment.

    • Oh my gosh. Eric Whittacre= LOVE. link

    • There's a great online comic strip thing that uses him as the but of a lot of jokes- all the ladies love him and he's basically the rock star of classical.


  • I like this one for relaxation

    If not I listen to toccata in D minor even though its baroque

    My favorite is Mozart though

  • yesyesyesyesYES! tchaikovsky is my favorite but I also love rachmaninov.

    the first peice of classical music I listened to on repeat was moonlight sonata by beethoven

    i also love js. bach, delibes, mozart, etc, etc :):)

    • I'm vaguely familiar with delibes... but could you send me a link to one of his pieces? haha

    • if you look up all of his work on coppelia that's all lovely :)

  • I'm on the same boat as Jack; I'm only just beginning to listen to classical music, so I don't know much about it :x

    Mozart is my favorite so far, especially his piano concertos. And Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

  • Debussy , Shostakovich, and beethoven ... I play cello and I love classical musix !x

  • Love wagner

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