Not attracted to big guys?

I am not attracted to massive guys, whether its muscle or fat. I'm more attracted to more slender guys. I'm average sized (thin, but 5'7) and I know guys like to be much bigger than the girl they are dating. Is this going to make dating much harder?


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  • Every guy, sooner or later, we'll have the will to be strong enough to protect "his girl". That's the immutable law of Men; so it'll happen that eventually he'll try to build up his body or get stronger somehow, their the ones that just start training (bodybuilding or any type of omat or martial arts), others study to get better jobs (if they can't save them directly they search for something that can do it for them) others even try just be smart enough to handle each situation. Of course there are exceptions, specially the ones that have their life in a golden plate. And it's with this feeling of protecting that We end up inconsciently, wanting to be bigger then the girl. Just find yourself someone that has confidence in something other then strengh to protect, and you'll find a guy that don't minds about if the girl is bigger or not.

    • Bigger is great. Gigantic isn't my thing, though :S

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  • Not for us skinny guys, it's a godsend lol. For some though, it's still an iffy situation. For me, I don't care if the girl is bigger (weight wise or looks wise). I think my bigger issue would be finding a girl secure enough in herself that she knows I don't look at her weight as an issue, but I look at her because I think she's gorgeous :)

    • I don't mind a guy being bigger than me, just not massively so.

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    • Slim to average, yeah. But I mean, if he is bigger than me (but not hulking over me) will that be good enough for him?

    • Yeah if he's bigger than you that's fine. Most guys are bigger than their girlfriends. It's the ones that are smaller than their girlfriends that seem to get more attention and thought put into them.

  • Who actually LIKES fat guys that way?

    • I don't even mean fat, I just mean big. For some reason I like guys who aren't a lot larger than me. My dad was kind of scary, maybe that's why?

    • You DID mention fat as well as muscular in the question. I'm just saying that fat guys generally aren't batting them away with a stick.

    • I know fat guys who get plenty of attention. Sometimes he needs to date girls who are also a bit chubby. But I definitely know some.

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  • Of course not. Most guys are on the slender side. I can honestly say I've only seen a handful of big guys in my life

    • Are you American?

    • yes I am. I live on the east coast in case you were wondering

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