What do they mean - hot, sexy or cute?

What do guys mean by hot or sexy or cute? I really don't know the difference!


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  • To me:

    hot = I want to have fun with her

    cute = I want to bring her home to mom

    sexy = I want to have fun with her then bring her home to mom

    **it is possible for a hot girl to look cute and act sexy

    **it is possible for a cute girl to be hot and act sexy

    **it is possible for a sexy girl to be hot and look cute

    It's up to you to find the perfect balance of hot/cute/sexy that your partner desires :o)


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  • Hot = Bangin, a girl with big boobs, big ass, good curves and good face.

    Sexy = Someone with curves in the right area and a good face

    Cute = Smaller proportional medium size boobs or small boobs, with a tight butt. Great face.

  • Ok here's how it works I a guy says your cute he is only talking about you face. When he says your sexy its more about your body and personality. but If a guy says your hot then that means you have the total package looks, body, personality, and brains.


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  • Ok I will tell you the difference..there meanings are pretty close but there's a little difference..as for sexy if a girl is sexy it means that she attracts people with different things such as her beauty of the face or the good body or even her personality..as for cute it means she has a small cute face like when people say that cat is cute for ex: like she has a cat's face..as for hot it means=cool girl it means she acts cool, walks in a cool way, and has both sexy looks and body...that's all... need anything else?

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