Was this pretty privilege?

I think I’m a pretty girl. I’ve been told I am and I’m very put together. I make sure my hair always looks good, and my nails are done. I wear basic makeup with just skin and mascara. I’m very skinny I’m just trying to describe myself for this I’m not narcissistic at all I have my days where I feel like shit. I watch videos sometimes about pretty privilege and how it is for other girls. They say they get free stuff and stuff like that. That rarely happens to me although last week I was in the car with my sister in the drive through and the person in front bought us food. So my question is I’ve been at the airport and flew by myself a lot back and forth from college. Each time I’ve forgot my id. Everytime I get to checkpoint or security they just make me show a credit card with my name on it or pass and I’ve gotten passed security each time without my id without a thorough check or anything. Also this one time a long time ago in high school we took a trip to a jail. I had my makeup with me and it’s glass and it didn’t pass security. They were telling me they had to throw it away and I just asked them if I could keep it because it’s expensive and they gave me a pass and said I could keep it that time. Even my teacher was saying she didn’t know how that happened. Other than that, I’m not really aware when I get hit on. I don’t think it rlly happens. I have a boyfriend who always says I’m beautiful and posted a video of me bowling and all his friends said I was pretty but I barely get hit on. I get called pretty every so often but people don’t really stop what they’re doing to tell me. Could this still be pretty privilege?
Was this pretty privilege?
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