In a world were everbody better looking then me how I find the best looking female for myself.

I being sires for a moment sadly your stud muffin perfect 10 is mirrored and it real says 01 tcefrep in ffum duts which is subliminal message I'm I sending out to make think I speking non sence

but now my qestion how a a 1 out 10 the lowest going to find a prefect 1-0 or even a 5?


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  • Well if all females are as shallow as you, and they're all looking to get the best male for themselves, you lose. Even with the ugly girls.

    • I'm not shallow and if looked better people would judge as much and freak-en say hi me when they see. I want so human Dignity! tried of outcast bull crap were people you try find reson to turn against me.fucnk America!

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    • I can whatever I put my mind and what are you?

    • i don't care that you think I' m ugliest thing you ever haven seen!

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  • Trust me, don't waste your time on girls who are out of your league, it'll only end badly because if they know you can't do better than them they'll just play games with you and make life hell. Don't be so superficial. Find a girl you love for her personality and if she's hot, then that's a bonus!

    • i had the hottest girl try get at me just for being the nicest guy on earth and I had game

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    • there's nothing wrong with your face. Just don't be so obbsessed with appearance! I think when you've been with someone for years, you look at them and see how much you love them and your first impressions of them don't matter. If you're looking for a long-term relationship, don't make looks your first priority because couples who only see each other as hot and nothing else, they never last.

    • ok then I'll focus on personlty like blind man lol

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