Tried dying my hair before and have really figured out my natural hair colour is best

recently had my hair cut aswel but really want something new

maybe accessary wise?

Bought some extentions

any other suggestions?


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  • Try some cute barrettes (what hercules meant when he said paper-clip that directs the hair in a certain direction HAHAHAHAHAHA). I bought some and I LOVE THEM! makes my hair look like it has a lot more volume too.

    Experiment with texture. Both dead-straight and scrunched are in now, so you have a lot a freedom. Try both and see what works for you! Remember you don't have to stick permanently with one or the other.

    Something else that looks soooo cute (although I can't pull it off as well as most girls for some reason) is a wide headband worn with various hairstyles from pigtails to a single braid in the back, to just it! Looks so cute with a nice top, skinnies, and ballet flats IMO. : ) oh annnd nice earrings too.wearing your hair up really shows those off.

    Scarves are also in.

    You may consider getting some side bangs if you don't have them already. The really flatter most faces and help prevent the "bald" look when you have all your hair pulled back from your face.

    Hope you find something!



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  • Ribbons, ponytails, clip things that your hair run through (can't remember what they're called but they're thin, short, almost like a paperclip and help direct hair to certain areas). You could experiment with hair gel and have weird fancy styles (if you don't mind being unique), or have you tried bangs?

    Well for a guy I know that isn't very descriptive, but I hope it helps. : D

    • Woah

      whats bangs?


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    • Haha the last time I asked a girl I knew in person questions about make-up she looked at me as though I was an idiot :p

      Same with women's clothes. One girl asked me, "I'm a size 8, do you think I'm overweight", I turn to her and say, "I have absolutely no idea what a size 8 means. Nonewhatsoever, but you don't look overweight...?"

      Ah...women and their weird world of cosmetics.

    • Haha :)

      thank you

      ( :

  • I would suggest affixing a Wonder Bread bag to the top of your head, and pumping your head furiously toward the sky. This must be done in a very public place, or not at all.


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  • treat extensions like your own hair. I've naturally long hair but I've had extensions before. extensions are really neat. It gives your hair more flexibility in terms of styling and it looks hot. So just make sure you take care of your hairlike you usually do. and that's about it.