What makes a girl "hot" to a guy?

what makes a girl "hot" to a guy? question says it all. what are the traits that make a guy melt? ;)


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  • Eyes and sense of humor, I love girls who are confident enough to joke back with me. I have a sarcastic, quick with style humor and love it when girls banter back as quickly as I do. Add that to girls who have no problem expressing that they know what they want and can have a good time. Basically girls who make you want to talk to them again or be around them again.

    • That sounds exactly like something my last boyfriend would have said. He loved when I would banter back and forth with him. I think quick wits are fun. :)

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  • She must take care of herself. She doesn't need to be thin, but she ought to at least work out from time to time.

    She must know how to dress for every occasion, casual up through white tie.

    She must be confident in herself and her looks.

  • I prefer "cute" girls to "hot" girls. Anyway, I like intelligence and a great smile.


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