Looking for a new haircut style?

Hey there, I am looking for a new type of way to style my hair. At the moment, I just have it buzzed, anywhere between 1/4 to 1/2 inch. But for me I kind of have thin hair and well with it this short you can actually see my head (maybe I need to sit out in the sun a bit more and let it get some color). But I was wondering if anyone had an idea for a haircut, well most likely it would be to let it grow out a bit haha. I was thinking maybe a sophisticated haircut? I have somewhat of strong facial features, and during this next year with a new workout program I am going to do, they will most likely get stronger as well. I also can grow scruff or what not for facial hair.

Thanks for the help! Oh and also, if you could link pictures for suggestions or what not, that would be helpful.

And I have light to dark brown hair (if that makes a difference haha)


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  • hmm do a look that fits your face, lightens it


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