Should I donate my hair?

Okay so summer is officially here and it's getting hot!

I have really long (down to my bellybutton), thick hair so I often put it up in the summer time. Should I donate it? Locks of Love needs a min of 10 inches in order to make wigs for cancer patients and I'm debating it

though I want to help and get cooler I'm scared! The last time I had shoulder length hair was when I was a bit chubbier and I keep going back to that image when picturing myself with short hair.

I have a round face with dimples, and side part my hair

*Boys: do you like girls with long or medium hair?
Thanks everyone! I did the big cut last night, I think it looks great


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  • Go ahead ! It's for a great cause and you'll not only feel better about yourself, you'll also look cute and feel cooler for summer. Go here link for suggestions for hairstyles suited for round faces.


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  • If you do cut your hair, go ahead and donate it. I donated mine to Locks of Love a few years ago.

    I cut my hair this morning, and it turned out pretty bad, but I know it will grow back and now I get to play around with a new style. I stay take a risk.

  • If you do cut it donate it, you're just going to throw it away anyways might as well give it to someone who wants it.

    • hahaha it's not like I'd throw out ten inches - I'd either cut my hair like 2 inches and keep it long or cut it 10 inches and donate it

    • well if you cut off enough to donate, donate it.

  • Yeah, donate it, it's going to go to a good cause :)

    I had my hair cut short (like REALLY short, it was like a guy's haircut) two years ago and I've been growing it ever since just so I could donate it.

    Mine is down to my back right now and if I donate it, I know I'll be going back to the boy-ish looking hair, which is honestly not really popular with the guys.

    I get a lot more compliments when my hair is longer, but I don't care :)

    I want to donate it to those who want it, it's the least I can do, so I'm going to get over my own insecurities, just so I can. You should do the same :)

    You have so many things to be grateful for and as cheesy as it may seem, I bet you're beautiful. So, come on, don't let it go to waste! :) Go out there and make a difference in someone's life...even if it's as simple as donating your hair.

    You're hair will grow back anyways, so yeahh :)

    Good luck! :)


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