Favorite clothes?!?!

post a link with some of your favorite shirts pants dresses shoes or whatever! boys and girls!


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  • Band t-shirts-- link and other graphic t-shirts of that nature

    Lace tops-- link with a cami underneath

    Slouchy raglans-- link

    Nautical inspired tops-- link

    Vintage cardigans-- link

    Skinny jeans-- link in various washes and even colors

    Vintage skirts and dresses-- link

    Converse-- link

    Toms-- link

    Oxfords-- link

    Bright red heels-- link

    Pearls-- link

    Bangles-- link

    Feathered headbands-- link

    Hair bows-- link

    • im not big on band tees but I love lace tops. and I adore the slouch raglans! and the nautical tops are so cute especially as a cardigan the cardigan in te pic is adorable! I like the jeans but skinnier I'm a fan on some vintage skirts but not most and I love only black short converse and I love toms to death!i hate oxfords but love to wear bright red heels its so sharp and stuff I don't like pearls or acessories in general one or two bangles is OK with me as long as their not to big and

    • if the bangles are simple I like the feather headbands xcept not on me and I hav nothing thatd match the bright colors and look good with it otherwise I mite try it hair bows are super cute!

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  • Pair of black pants that can pass for dressy or casual. Really comfy, easy to match and make my ass look great

    • Like jeans or wat

    • Neither, they're like the Shia Labeouf of pants. Not dressy, not casual.

      (Shia Labeouf, not a geek, not a jock)

    • cool shia labeouf is cool haha

  • A pair of nameless jeans that I can't remember where I got them from. The knees are gone, the fabric is fraying all over (not ripped through yet though), just well worn in and comfy as heeel. Not to mention that the color and fit are exactly what I look for in a pair of jeans. It's very very hard for me to find jeans that fit just right. I'm pretty sure I got those from a thrift store though.

    Then there is this drawing dead shirt that I found. Just found it. It's a size to small but I love it. It's nice and faded. The collar is frayed and it has some slight holes. but it molds to my body and makes me look slimmer.

    Shoes I wear the most are my converse. Again old beat to hell. The white parts are stained black. Ripped in some places. They're actually not my favorite shoes though as they're not that comfy to stand in. I want another pair of etnes but they're expensive. The ones I have have no insoles and the toes are ripped open.

    • cool uv got a unique style and that's good because then no one copies you and you get to be different!

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    • i like the shoes but not luvin the pants unless you paired them with like a sailorish shirt

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    • haha I never liked them I'm just not that kinda gall (weird word alert!)

    • LOL, okay

  • I don't have it yet but that green blazer she has is amazinggg : link


    my favorite jumper:


  • a long green sweater,similar to this link but with stripes,it's comfy as hell

  • Body Central link My favorite store of ALL TIME!

    Lulus :) link There tops are cute

    PacSun:) link I get my skinny jeans there!

    Zumies link Pretty dresses!

    • i love lulus and pacsun! there's a sale at pacsun! but its not as good as it shud b I thought zumiez was just a brand but I love it and body central too I'm gunna go there now if I have one neaer me

    • Yup Body Central is nice :) I don't have a Lulu's close by, so I just shop off the internet. Lol.

    • id like to shop off the internet but I don't know if itll fit me and I'm kinda hard to fit so...ya

  • this is my style


  • Mainly anything from karmaloop.com or motelrocks.com!

    • i don't like karmaloop but I love motelrocks nvr heard of either but now I no where to shop!

  • I don't have a favorite. I'm not obsessed with clothes. Whatever suits me is just perfect :)


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