Was this an attitude or what?

i just got in a relationship and the guy I'm with I remember told me that he likes me because I don't get an attitude about a lot of things that girls normally do like they get annoyed with things he says all the time and he says I don't do that. So knowing this, I remeber him sayin that my iron wasn't that good of an iron like his and I totally disagree but anyways this mourning I started ironing my cloths and he was like why are you using that iron? I didn't like that and said there is nothing wrong with my iron in an annoyed way and he was like I never said anything was wrong with it and I said well I remeber you saying that mine wasn't good and I think mine is fine and I want to use it and was like Anyway after that and started talkin about somethin else. Then started thinking was that necessary to get annoyed about that? So then I was thinkin that turned him off and now I Haven't heard from him like I normally do at work. He usually calls once here. Do you think I'm trippin or he is mad at me?


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  • Was he mad?


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