How much is a Johnson guitar worth?

It's an electric Johnson guitar. I got it a long time ago. Probably like 8 years or so! But it looks like it just came home from the store yesterday! No nicks, cuts, scrapes, nothing. Rarely played, but needs new strings (one is missing :-] ) I think it may have been originally purchased for around $110 or so. How much should I try to sell it for?

(I would include tuners, stand, bag, and amp but I can name my own price on those ones)

Please help, I need to sell it asap. Need the $$$ :-]
Oh, and it's blue with pearly white behind the pickups, and it has a whammy bar thing, and volume and tone knobs.


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  • well I bought my guitar for $25 while the amp was $120. I think you should be looking into the value of the amp than the guitar

    • Ohh..haha ok...I have to find my amp...I think it's in the attic and I think it's a Marshall...would you be able to ballpark-price that one for me when I get the details?

    • i'm not an expert. but what you could do is look it up on ebay and compare prices to amps that are similiar. the more watts, the more $$$.

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  • If you were selling ice cream, Johnson would be an important name, but being that you want to sell a guitar try and hold out for 50 bucks, but don't turn down anything green with a dead presidents face on it.

  • 60 buckish


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