Why is pink girly?

Why is the color pink nationally known be a "girly" color...and as with blue for boys. My grandparents constantly buy me pink clothes and jewelery, when I absolutely hate the color. What is with the stereotype that girls like pink and boys like blue.

This website shows it too, I just want to know why...does anybody know?


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  • Well is used to be the other way round, boys were dressed in pink because pink was meant to be a strong vibrant colour, for strong men. And blue was more delicate for little girls.

    It changed in different places at different times for different reasons.

    In England it was because a Queen or very important female (Don't recall which) was preparing for a baby boy, so she got pink clothing, etc, but then when it was born a girl to avoid embarrassment she basically changed the colour scheme of the genders.

    In Germany, the Nazi's forced Homosexual men to wear pink as a kind of brand so they could be seen and discriminated against as diseased devils.

    In China red dye was very cheap for people to buy, but Blue was very expensive, and in a lot of Chinese cultures the men are considered the more important gender, so parents would only be willing to spend more on the male children, and spend less on red for the girls.

    I guess over time stuff like that happened in different places and travelled.

    • thanks for explaining that for me...

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    • Haha, yeah. There's probably more reasons for different cultures but that's all I know.

    • well thank you for what you could tell me

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  • why is winter cold? haha, because that's just the way things are. Pink looks feminine and Blue looks masculine. Its been that way for a long time and I don't think it'll change

    • I don't think it will change either, I just dislike the stereotype that all girls have to like pink...its not right

    • well its just a stereotype. ofcoase not every girl HAS to like pink

    • yea tell my grandparents that...lol

  • because blue is really the best color


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  • I honestly don't know where it came from, but I've always disliked it as well. I remember the first time my parents took me to buy a bike and the sales girl asked if I wanted a pink one and I yelled, "No, I want blue!" and was rather upset with her.

    And personally, I'm not a fan of pink. I don't hate it, but I think I only own two or three pink things.

  • Well the color just looks bright and feminine :)


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