Why is suddenly so forward?

i liked this guy for a while...then he got a girlfriend and I just got over him. post-graduation, we didn't talk much. in fact, nothing for a month. I suddenly get a text saying that he's skipping town in a month and wants to hang out. he literally wants to hang out in the same week so 'we have time to say goodbye'. wtf does that mean? we were friends, but loosely (I didn't want to hang out much since he had a gf). i, personally, thought he had a crush on me despite the girlfriend (my friends/peers agreed) but again, I'm not a homewrecker and he wasn't forcing hanging out either. he would just sit next to me or I'd catch him staring, etc...

at any rate, he's been blowing up my phone lately.


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  • be-careful...for many reasons. but the one that stands out from your description tells me, he is wanting time with the one that got away before he moves on. If he is saying he wants to say "GOODBYE" yeah doesn't sound promising on your end. Again Be-Careful!


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