Why even ask "do you like this", etc?

As I look at style questions such as "Do you like this" and "I think I am fat do you think so too" I started to wonder why we even ask such questions. We are not your boyfriend or girlfriend so why should it matter what we think

So I want to know why you ask such questions. Thank you in advance :)


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  • I'm guilty of asking hair, makeup, and fashion questions. My reasoning-- I'm challenged in all those areas. I only just discovered makeup a year or so ago and I'm still trying to get used to the fact the I don't have to have the same hairstyle now that I did when I was 5 and that there's more to wear than just jeans and t-shirts.

    I like getting opinions from others because girls can tell me if I'm doing things right and guys can tell me if what I'm doing suits me or not. Basically, I don't want to leave the house looking like a mess.

    • It should not matter what us on GAG think though

    • It matters to be because a lot of people on here know how to do hair and makeup and I don't. It's like going to a teacher for help on an assignment.

    • I suppose :P

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  • I don't most of the questions like this. Every guy and girl is gonna have different tastes. There are the exceptions when someone asks if a certain article of clothing looks nice or something. Then you can get a general opinion because if, for example, a top is hideous by nature, then most people will dislike that top and potentially save that person from embarrassment.

  • It's interesting to see what they say.


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