Going to the movies with a girl. What signs should I look for?

I'm going to the movies with a girl this Sunday night alone. What signs should I look for to see if she likes me and want me to do something? I wouldn't just randomly grab her hand because if she doesn't want to it would be awkward. What are some signs that I should pay attention to when we are at the movies?
Also, a second question. It's her birthday the day before. Would it be a good idea if we stop at a mall first for me to buy her a gift?


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  • The whole stopping at the mall to buy her a gift... awful idea. Going to the movies... also an awful idea. Never go to the movies on a first date. A first date is supposed to be talking and getting to know each other in order to make sure you actually like her. Take her out to eat, near a park, after dinner walk through the park and stargaze, girls love stargazing with guys, "name" a star for her. She'll love it. Then bring her home, walk her to her door. Second date... her house or yours, as long as it involves watching The Notebook.


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