What are some good tips for highlighting your hair?

I just want to add blond highlights to my hair. I did it once before (the fist time I ever colored my hair) and it came out okay but the highlights were only on the top layer of hair, so when I pulled it up or whatever, you lost all of the highlights. I want the highlights to be all throughout my hair. I did it completely by myself so it would probably be better if I had someone help me.

What are some good tips for highlighting your hair?


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  • I'm not trying to be a b*tch or you know attitude, but imo I think it's tacky when girls with darker hair have blond highlights. It just has this extreme unnaturalness to it. Maybe experiment with a lighter brown but not blond you know what I mean? Try to pick a color only 2 to 3 shades lighter than your hair color..

    But too answer your question:

    Do your highlights while your hair is completely dry and its even OK if you don't have it washed.

    Brush your hair and untangle it. If you want them all around, apply the dye under too and press

    • Not b*tchy at all. My hair isn't super dark. It's closer to an auburn color than brunette. The only thing I'm concerned about with applying color on the bottom part of my hair is that it will sit on my hair too long while I am trying to get the rest of my hair highlighted and then the color underneath will be lighter than on top. :/

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    • Maybe just go and ask them! Or you can go get it done and spy on the way they do it lol

    • Haha good idea! :)

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  • Dn't do it yourself. It needs a professional touch. I've always done highlights & they came out lovely but it's always at a Salon.

  • try sun in. I've used it before and had nothing but awesome results

    • I've seen that stuff before, but I wasn't sure if it actually works. Does it look natural? And does it work on medium brunette/auburn hair?

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