I'm afraid my skin tone is too dark?

I'm half Japanese, half Caucasian. my skin tone in the summer gets pretty dark, but I spent a week in the desert and got pretty tan. a lot of Asian girls nowadays like having pale skin, but even in the winter my skin's not pale. is it okay that my skin is so dark? it's less dark than a Latina woman but darker than your typical Japanese.

do guys like darker girls?
oh, and by they way I wear LOTS of sunscreen! I'm taking care of my skin, I just can't stay pale!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Pasty and pale white is no longer attractive. If you are tan, that's a good thing.

    • I'm glad you are taking good care of your skin. My answer remains the same. It's a good thing; just be comfortable in your skin.

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  • Pale is good, and darker is good as well. You can be attractive with any skin tone, really.


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  • you don't have to be pale to be attractive. tan is more attractive anyway. you probably won't fall apart after 30 like a lot of pale women tend to do


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