Are all guys this disgusting?

My brother is the most disgusting guy that I think you will ever meet. You can't stand to walk into his room because of the smell which is a mixture of cigarette smoke, protein powder and his other disgusting sh*t. Almost all of his clothed are on his floor, I don't even know why my mom agreed to getting his room hardwood floor. You can't even see it! His protein shake cup thing smell like sh*t and he always has a huge f***ing load of in the washer because he doesn't want to take it to the washroom. Every morning when I wake up to go to school I see a plate full of egg yolks from boiled eggs, the sink is full of forks and knives and spoons and mugs and his stupid digesting protein shake cup thing.! One time I woke up and smelled vinegar. I went to the kitchen and found a huge stain of vinegar on the kitchen counter. Are all guys this digesting!?!?


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  • You think that's disgusting? You have NO IDEA. I should introduce you to my buddy Zach, and he'll say 'Let me show you my brothers room'. As soon as he opens the door a crack, just a crack, you'll blow right on out of there. You'll never get that smell out of your nostrils, either.

  • Sadly, A LOT of guys are slobs like this. My brother is a pig too - he lets the cat sleep in his bed (cat hair everywhere), doesn't clean, etc.

    I'm a neat-freak, I hang my clothes by designer and color. I keep my DVD's organized alphabetically, I make my bed, I even iron my under-shirts. I suppose I could be considered borderline OCD lol...

  • Yeah, under 30 guys have a tendency to be slobs, morally and hygenically.

  • woman can be equally as bad :P

    and FYI, not all men are like this :)

  • of course not...I know females that are that disgusting...hopefully they are in the minority for both sexes


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  • Lmao, rather than disgusting, my bro is lazy

    Flor full of clothes and suff, when he eats at the computer desk he leaves them there

    He forgets the milk out of the fridge

    I hope hell get better over the time not worse =_=


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