I broke eye contact before she did, should I move on?

I broke eye contact with a girl that she and I are interested in each other, should I move on? She is in my class, we are both in our mid-20s. I only talked to her once before, but we were both nervous. She always smiles at me and we say hi and I can tell she is interested by her eyes. Last class though, I was waiting to talk to someone, and my eyes were moving around the classroom only to find her eying me and smiling. She was almost eye-humping me. I hadn't anticipated it and I looked away as soon as we made eye contact. I haven't seen her since so I don't know if she got turned off by it or not. What are my chances that she is still interested. I ask because I always hear "once you look away before she does, she won't ever look at you again" Is this true or is it a myth? Isn't that too harsh? guys can make mistakes.
thanks you!
I talked to her, I got her number! :)


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  • No go get her tiger !


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  • um, maybe I'm just more experienced or dated a few more guys but if I like a guy, I would not stop liking him because he looked away at me for a second.

    I think it would be silly to think that a girl wouldn't like a guy if he looked away.

    It sounds like you're shy is all.

    I have this crush on a guy as well and he's also in university and I get really shy around him despite myself being a very forward and very assertive girl.

    Just talk to her! get to know each other. good lucks! :)

    • Im thinking it might be more of a sub-concious thing and no girl would realize that this is a turn off. It might cause her to feel that I'm intimidated. I can't seem to find the right time to talk to her, she's always with her friends.

  • mythhhh. I have eye-sex with guys all the time. If they look away, I make sure I'm looking at them when they look back. Next time you catch her looking, give her a smile. Reel her in (;

    • LOL eye-sex, hahahaha I totally know what you're referring to!

  • "eye humping" lol... no you're allright.

    • lol ya I laughed at that myself. I thought it would be better than saying eye f***ing

  • She isn't going to stop liking you because you looked away too soon. You are overanalyzing this. Have you even TALKED to her yet?

    • yeah did you read the question?:P

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    • I don't mean "talked" as in "talked about school, or about work, or so on". I mean about your feelings for each other. I think you'll find that, if you let her know how you feel, she will be a lot more receptive than you might think. And don't worry, everyone has over-analytical moments. When you care about someone, it's easy to get worried. But I honestly don't think that looking away at the right or wrong moment will change much. Especially if you make a move. Good luck!

    • And by the way, my age doesn't really speak for my experience.

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  • Dude just go and talk to her already!


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