Have you ever been called "FAT" when you aren't?

Have you ever thought that you're by no means fat when people tell you that you are? I mean, a lot of people say me I'm fat and unfit, but I think I am just one of those "full figured" ladies. I love my curves and I don't want to look like those anorexic models because they're not feminine and unattractive. Girls who look faminine are girls that have a little bit of meat on them! not all bones!

I've never had a guy say I'm pretty either? Maybe they're just intimidated?


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What Guys Said 1

  • ppl always call me fat, but that's just sarcasm because I'm super underweight and rarely eat much


What Girls Said 1

  • I've had people joke that I'm fat even though I'm almost underweight. Like once at school I sat on a weak-looking chair, assuming it would hold my weight. It didn't, so people joke I'm so fat I break chairs. I really only weigh 98 lbs. And a few other times I've sat on things and they would make a loud squeaking sound for whatever reason. Also at work we all joke that everyone is fat because we have to wear mens dress shirts tucked into work pants. They are puffy so we all look funny.

    And as for the compliments part of the question, I rarely get compliments but people sometimes stare or give me looks. It is a littleuncomfortable sometimes especially if its a stranger. I'm trying to make myself more comfortable with people looking at me by taking the time to make myself look cute in the morning so I'll learn to just be chill about it.

    Overall people just have preferences for looks an that includes weight. Lots of guys like curvy girls, especially the ones on this site, but some will like the really skinny girls too.


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