Do guys like my punk/ skater style?

- I have bright red hair (obviously dyed)

- I usually wear black skinny's with studded belts or just one chain

- I wear black eyeliner and sometimes some bright or black eyeshadow.

- For my shoes I either wear my combat boots (Doc Martians) Or my converse.

- I'm always wearing band tee-shirts (Misfits, Ramones, Anti-flag, Green Day, MCR)

I don't really know if guys like this kinda style.. But I'm honestly just being myself!


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  • Yes.

    • We don't take lightly to people who "mistakenly" input their age. :)

      That style is so much better on younger people.

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    • "Girlfriend material". My head is really a mess right now, all I can say without sounding like an idiot is that while guys do like this kind of styles, they presume a lot about the people in it as well. Stereotypes. I hope you can filter those stupid boys/guys.

    • Oh. Well I'm not too over the top, nor do I usually fit into any stereotypes. Yeah, me too I guess.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Sure, I can dig that. Provided that you aren't 25, though. That might be a little old for a look like that.

    • Haha I'm not 25 I acenentilly clicked that! ahah I'm 16 atm. I'm new here and I don't know how to change it!

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    • Thank you so much!

    • That's what I'm here for. Well, that and sarcasm, I guess.

  • hell yes

  • Yes! It's amazing!


    On second thought... it's okay I guess...

    • 16? Never mind.

  • It might depend on your age, if you dress that way all the time, and of course, the guy.

    • Well, yes I dress like that all the time! Aha. I'm 16 atm.

    • That makes a lot more sense. I'm not sure how many guys you would attract if you dressed that way at 25, but you should be fine at 16.

What Girls Said 3

  • lol. You dress like me. Though sometimes I dress really, really punk.

    • Really?! How interesting, to bad there's not to many of us out there!

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    • I said I dressed like that, not that I dyed my hair bright red. lol Nope, I've never dyed my hair and don't plan to. I'd like to dye it a crazy colour, but once you dye your hair you never get your natural colour back. And I love my hair colour. Anyway, I don't need to dye my hair seeing as its naturally seven different colours/tones.

    • Yeah, only on some colour you get your natural colour back. I dyed my hair this purpley red before and my natrual colour came back after a few months. I guess it depends on the brand.

  • You dress like me!:) expect I'm stereo types as emo, not punk cause my hair is black lol.

    That's so cool :)

    I love our/your/my style !

    Guys can get over it if they think it's childish or tacky, even for 16 year olds!



  • sounds awesome :P


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