Is it true that women tend to befriend other non-threatening women?

Just wondering... are women more likely to befriend women that are a bit physically unattractive or plain looking just because of the whole jealousy thing between females? Or is this completely untrue, and are they more likely to befriend attractive women?

I make friends with women (even women in public, such as strangers) easily as they are eager to talk to me and befriend me such as in workplaces and school, but guys not so much...they are a bit hesitant to approach or talk to me, and I have no male friends whatsoever ( people have told me I look shy, though)...

does that mean women think I'm not a threat to them, or are women just as likely to befriend attractive members of their own sex?
come on som emore answers!


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  • Nope for me it's all about personality and being yourself. I don't like fake people so you can be ugly or the gorgeous gals I wouldn't care period.


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  • No. My best friend is Polish and she is a freakin' GODDESS. Her personality is even better, and we just mesh well.

    I don't get along with some girls, but mainly because I just don't like drama. I think that the girls who intentionally choose "nonthreatening" women are probably the ones who are more insecure. Seems silly, though.

  • I tent to go with whoevers personality matches with mine. Who I get along with I want to be my friend...looks aren't really the point.


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