What kind of games do men/woman play to gauge others interest in them or get an ego boost?

Newly single after 17 years, been going out with the girls, mingling with guys, had a few snogs to re-affirm my femininity. But theirs this one guy at work that I just really want, never reacted to a guy with such intensity before. One day he's all eyes on me, the next I don't exist. Really frustrating me! If we were in a club I would have just danced up against him erotically and lured him in for a kiss, then bingo, hello! But can't really use that approach in the staffroom and don't want to flat out ask him out. So we go back and forth, eye humping each other for a few days, ignoring each other for a few days because we eye humped each other a little excessively, something I have never done before. Suddenly I am playing games with this guy to try and gauge his interest. So I want to know, what games do women and men play to get the guy/girl that they want. The whole eye humping has been going on for 6 months, if this guy don't put out soon I swear I will combust. How do I move on from eye humping to actual physical contact in a playful way, bearing in mine we are at work!


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  • go over his shoulder and ask about work related stuff like "can I borrow a rubber?"


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