Who is your favorite on I Carly?

Which one is your favorite? It's a really cute show.
  • Carly
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  • Sam
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  • Freddy
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  • Spencer
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  • Gibby
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't agree with the female answers saying it's weird that you watch the show. You can watch whatever you want to watch. Hell, sometimes I get bored and I watch Caillou. :P

    Personally, I don't watch that show.

    • Thanks. What's Caillou?

    • :O

      You have missed out on your entire childhood if you haven't seen the show about the bald four year old (I used to think he had cancer when I watched it when I was really young lol) and his family. Go on YouTube or something and watch a few clips. :)

    • Haha thanks for best answer.

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  • Haha, have seen it now and then, sometimes kids TV is a refreshing change from adult TV which consists of soaps and documentaries about war. I-Carly is kind of cute...

    • Thank you... I agree :)

    • Good to know another adult who sometimes peeks at kid's shows! ;)

  • I've never really watched it, but they all look really sweet!


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