I am not lesbian. Never.

Ok, all of sudden I saw this girl in my college, for my view, she's beautiful, sexy and hot. I bet guys are melting for this kind of girl too.

But instead I have no any intention for whatever to 'L' word.I just looking at her because I admire her beauty, I am a kind of person who appreciate beauty and I love to see beautiful people whether guys or girls.For me it is something wonderful to see as eyes was purposed to made, right?

And furthermore, I am not something like boyish kind.Hey, I am a girl,i wore make up, accessories,heel, perfume.But, as I know the 'L' word is also attracted to same sex.I admit she is much sexier than me because I am a bit curvy.

The things that confuse me was, since I looking at her,probably I have stared at her. She suddenly like give me a respond.OMG.I mean there are something different she look at me back, I mean the way she look at me, she even try to stand close to me and seems that wanted my attention.

And I don't think she has 'L' background because.i don't know.it just seem subtle.


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  • Yeah there's nothing wrong with admiring beauty. Maybe you did give her the wrong impression, just try not to perpetuate it.


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  • I love looking at beautiful things myself. And if I happen to catch a woman's eye, I explain to her that though I am straight, I think she looks stunning. Always makes them smile. Straight or not, women love being told they are beautiful.