Guys aren't into me? Am I annoying? Please advice.

I've been single almost all my life, been on a few dates here and there. NEVER a second date. The guys that hit on me are extremely overweight guy who is desperate (Not to sound like a bitch). When there is a mutual liking it's that the guys a player, or finds someone better eventually. I go to a party and all my friends get hit on and not me...I've even tried online dating. It's come to a point that I get very depressed about it, like I'll never be with someone. I've been told I'm good looking...but I get told I look pissed off a lot (when I'm content). Now I get paranoid when I talk, I'll think "am I annoying?" or "wow I'm dumb"


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  • Based on your profile picture, you're not bad looking. I would recommend switching to contacts. Change your style a little bit; ask your friends who do get hit on for help. I think if you grew out your hair a bit and wear contacts, that will bring out the beauty that is buried behind your pissed off look.

    • I love my style though, and have been told I have good taste. I can't wear contacts sadly :(

    • Then, you might have to be more aggressive. If you are interested in a guy, go up and say hi to him.

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  • Based on your description of the guys who approach you, I'm totally unsympathetic to your 'plight'.

    • You sound a bit offended...I was just describing the men that are into me. I'm sorry that desperate overweight men are into me.

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    • You have to idea how I am to people. And by saying "plight" you were being a d***, because I never said this was a horrible situation...I needed advice, and did you give me any? were being a sarcastic d***.

    • You are attracting the kind of people who think they're in your league. That's how it works. You yourself said who you can get, the undesirables and the people only looking for sex.

      What kind of advice do you think people can give you? Nobody is going to be able to advise you to have a better quality of person approach you.

  • beggars can't be choosers.

    maybe you'd have more luck if you didn't look like a middle school lesbian

    • Yeah, that's real mature. You're pathetic.

    • You've already been made well aware of how you have a terrible attitude. I really don't think I need to rehash that.

      Enjoy your life.

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  • see you got bad answers because guys don't like when you insult other guys' looks. that's their job. they get to judge girls by our appearances but they hate it when you flip the script and start judging guys on their appearances. girls should just be grateful that a man approached them no matter how unappealing he is.

    ok anyway, I think you should lose the glasses and go for contacts

    style your hair

    wear more accessories and feminine clothes

    dress trendier

    basically take note of the girls who date the guys you'd like to be dating, and incorporate their style into your wardrobe


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