How to catch a guy's eye?

So I go to concerts a lot and their always seem to be cute boys around. They tend to stare or sometimes I can even overhear them talking about me. None of them ever approach me though. I want to be able to get the hot guys attention in a way that makes them want to come over and talk to me.


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  • Hmmm. You need to be more forthcoming with your flirting. If you like the look of a guy and you see them staring or overhear them talking about you you neeed to be outwardly flirtatious by smiling at them or winking. Maybe nod at them.

    The problem us guys have is that we do not know if you Girls are one of the Following:

    1) a Lesbian

    2) Got a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    3) A complete bitch who attacks a guy for trying to spark up conversation

    Once you have given the signals it should then be up for him to go over and start conversation if not either he is really shy or he's just not interested.


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  • Well congratulations you have already got their attention if they talk about you, or don't you realize that? If you want them to come over you have to take the initiative that your interested by a wink or call them over with your finger.

  • "I want to be able to get the hot guys attention"

    Isnt that what you all want?

  • why don't you want to get the ulgy guys attention?


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