Beautiful, sexy, or cute?

So which is it guys? Do you go for the girls trying to be hot, pretty, cute, what? And whichever you like best, how do you think a girl can best pull it off? What would you want her to wear, personality, details


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  • i agree with is what you tell your girlfriend...otherwise, if I see a girl that is attractive, I say she is cute...being cute doesn't necessarily mean what she wears, its her personalitly, with looks, but, if she's fun and happy and overall, bubbly, but smart, confident. she can wear whatever she wants, and she will be cute.

    Beautiful, is also something you tell your girlfriend, otherwise, its someone that you may think is either out of your league, so to speak, or a movie star, celebrity, etc.


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  • They're just words. I use cute the most. Beautiful I use when a connection has already been established and I'm complimenting her. Sexy is what my d*** makes me say.

    Anyways if you're talking about types of girls. I go for cute. It's the mix of both. Beautiful I put on a pedestal. That's no fun. Sexy is 2-dimensional, trashy, just want to f*** her.

    You can pull off cute by being yourself. Cleaning up your appearance. Being positive, easy to talk to. Not afraid to show interest.

  • I like females who are very confident in themselves that's very sexy and hot.I like her to wear little black dresses with a nice strap shoes showing off her toes and legs.It not anything sexual but it very sexy.haha

  • I prefer cute girls over beautiful ones cause cute is beautiful to me


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