Going on vacation near the beach.

My friends and I are going on vacation near the ocean and look to hit a club at least once while we're there. I've never been to a club during the summer so what should I wear? Should the fact that it's in a beach town matter or change anything?


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  • Nah, unless the club is directly on the beach, and swim wear is required or something.

    I think the sexiest look on guys at the clubs is a nice collared shirt (not polos, but those stylish polos that button all the way up, or can be worn open) with a nice dark pattern, sleeves slightly rolled to the top of the fore-arms and cuffed neatly. Throw on some nicer jeans, and a pair of shoes (not to formal but not to worn out, and match lol) maybe a wrist watch and a surfer style neck lace (those small one's that border your collar bone.)

    Put on some spicy cologne, and your the hottest thing in my book for that night ;)


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