Hair care for men dry scalp and washing?

My scalp gets very dry sometimes after washing my hair and also whenever I wash my hair, it seems to lose all it's texture, I'm assuming because washing strips it of natural oils? Obviously I want to keep my hair clean but don't want to wash it every single day and have my hair dry and puffy. Are there any other products you can recommend to keep hair clean but without over drying the scalp and stripping natural oils? thank you!


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  • You should wash your hair at most every other day, otherwise the good oils will be stripped away and leave your hair dry and your scalp flakey.

    I use head and shoulders for my dandruff problems and it works SO WELL. Just be sure to massage the shampoo into your scalp. Most shampoos will make your hair moisturized but not your scalp, find one that works for dandruff (that will provide moisture to the skin) then when applying it massage it into your scalp, not just your hair.

    If that doesn't work then afterward use a moisturizing product (there are lots) and apply that your hair is still damp so that it doesn't look oily just smooth. If that doesn't work then apply some when dry, just be careful not to apply too much or it'll look like you slathered product into your hair, not like you're hair is healthy and smooth.

    They also have leave-in conditioners that might work well for you.


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  • Try fructis garnier pure clean or baby shampoo, they're more gentle. Use conditioner and hair masks to keep them moisturized.

    wash your hair every other day, and use dry shampoo to keep it clean in between.

  • get a conditioning shampoo. or buy deep conditioner and leave in it gives moisture.

  • try head and shoulders


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