Do you think as a poet I will be as famous as Robert Pinsky and will have fame?

This poet he was on Simpsons and colber report and I feel I be on those very soon and will the next young poet icon.
the more comment I get the closer I am to fame lol
will you have fame too?


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  • Who is Robert Pinsky? I have never heard of him and I quite appreciate poetry. Wrote a little myself about 10 years ago and made a little book for a small group of family and friends.

    I am reminded of what really matters in life, and it's NOT being famous. It's being simply an excellent person WITHOUT being recognized. A quote from a song in "The Muppet Christmas Carol" also hits me when you want to truly know your worth: "if you need to know the measure of a man, You simply count his friends".

    Remain humble sir. Appreciate what you ALREADY have. Your are already famous to those around you. Isn't that all that counts?

    • you count his frends? isn't that sort like fame too? Robert Pinsky is one the last celebrated poets

      link he such icon of modern poet that he has been on Simpsons as celb. guest

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    • well if your a poet you'll only be so much famouse unless you lucy enoth to go mainstream.

      trust with the simpsons he would be as famouse

    • I mean he wouldn't be as famouse without the simpsons lol

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  • It takes a certain style to achieve fame in something as various as poetry. You have to make yourself stand out significantly against all the other thousands of poet hopefuls. I guess everyone has a chance because everyone has their own unique style in writing; but it's the very profound styles that aquire fame.

    • I've published in popular lit. journals and I have been told the following by biggest poetry magazine out :Unfortunately this didn't make the final cut, but it came close -- I really enjoyed it, especailly the ending. You've got an unusual mind that's interesting to read. I think you'll have something make it all the way eventually. Sorry for the bad news with this one, though. "


    • Cool, I'm glad for your success. And thanks, I do poetry as a hobby, but I'm more of a novel writer. My hopes is to at least get one of my novels to be a best seller once they are published. Not exactly in it for the fame or anything, but it would be cool to leave something physical many people will enjoy after I die.

    • you do was romances and be on new york times best sellers list but not with poetry lol

      poet enjoy underground fame

  • i don't know. I've never read your work. I don't know


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  • pfft robert pinsky? when you get published the only name that will be in everyones mind will be studmuffin.

    • yes and my logo wil help trick people into buying poetry and "buy" me lol so how can write if can't spell by even ? lol

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    • rogers is so good with children special the slowers as shown in bush meeting photo

    • hey stud, why go anonymous on this? did will44 scare you or something?

  • I am already famous and I travel in large groups of one.

    • but your famous for your superb comments!

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    • god himself grafted me then I offerd my left rib to you bitccheee! JKD lol

    • Now THAT, my friend, is pure poetry. I smell a winner in you.

  • I just can't believe people still watch "The Simpsons."

  • I really don't know I have no clue how good you are.


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