White guys...are pretty damn hot, but how do I get one?

I know it's kind of an odd question, but I'm a black girl and am quite attracted to white guys. My issue is, it's hard to find, or notice if any white guys are interested.

It's probably more comfortable to stay within similar cultures when dating, and I wonder if maybe because black girls have these " I'm a hard ass bitch" stereotypes, perhaps that could cause potential guys to hesitate?

Plus, are there certain characteristics white guys (who date interacially, or think about it,) would avoid in regards to black women?

I'm not very ghetto, but I do embrace my heritage; meaning I'm not stereotypical black , (except I really do like chicken ha ha - but who doesn't right?)

I grew up around a lot of the negative black things associated with my culture, but I hate those things and kind of have my own style.

The guys who approach me are black (naturally,) but usually really thuggish and I'm definitely not attracted to that. I smile and what not at the white guys I think are really cute when I see them, but it usually doesn't go further than that because I'm not sure if he is attracted to me.

So it kind of sucks because I want a boyfriend, but my situation makes it a little difficult.

If anyone has dated interracial on here, how did you guys figure out the other was attracted?

White guys, are you less inclined to approach a black women you think is really beautiful and attractive because of cultural differences?

And I'll just ask this one again, are there certain characteristics that are a huge turn-off in regards to black women?



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  • >.< I wish I was white.

    Anyway, this isn't an odd question at all. It's asked on here multiple times a day. From what I have read on this site, white guys who don't ever see themselves with Black girls think so because:

    1. The stereotype that you described.

    2. They just aren't attracted to them.

    3. They feel that they would not be willing to date them because they are white.

    If you're not very ghetto, that's a bonus right there. There are still lots of white guys that are attracted to Black girls, so finding one that's attracted shouldn't be a problem (depending on the area you live in.) For the third reason, you can always just show them you're interested somehow.

    I've dated interracially. I found out just by just approaching her. Just like I would do any girl. This probably doesn't apply to you though, as most girls seem dead set against approaching males.

    The only characteristic I can think of that would be a major turn off to White guys would be acting like the stereotype.

    • This is a great response; I'll approach guys, but I admit, it's really nerve wracking. Several things go through my head like he won't be slightly interested, or the cultural thing, and I kind of just give up on it. I know I over think it, but it's a difficult spot for me to be in :(

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  • Well, first thing is, if the guy is a racist, forget it.

    I helped up a friend of mine asking a girl out once, he was quite the shy type and I kind of gave him a boost and helped him out not being embaraced around girls, and it did helped him a lot. Two weeks later he came to say me thanks and introduce me his new (and first) girlfriend, and she was a black girl(don't take it the wrong way plz). I was quite surprised because when I gave him the help I never though it wasn't a white girl, so I helped him in that direction and it worked as the same, so black girls, white girls, yellow or whatever it's all the same, so I don't think that's a problem, Just behave normally, only racist people looks for the colour, everyone else, that's a fact that doesn't matter.

    You ask caracteristics that are a turn on, THE SAME AS IN ALL THE OTHER GIRLS, a sexy body, a pretty smile, a friendly way of beeing, an hot voice and (even though not really my type) a feminine look (and by this I mean, be worried about how you look, but not tooooo much - ex: a good hairstyle (avoid the messy hair) but while in school or so, don't pass all the time putting it right or avoiding it like a freak to mess it).

    Hope I was of anyhelp, and if anymore douts... comment away ;9

    • Good advice; it help to put things into perspective with your friend dating the black girl and all. I wish I had a friend to set me up lol

  • I don't know why but a black girl with a refined British accent drives me wild. Probably because I like my women rare, sweet and exotic. ;)

  • This is a great response; I'll approach guys, but I admit, it's really nerve wracking. Several things go through my head like he won't be slightly interested, or the cultural thing, and I kind of just give up on it. I know I over think it, but it's a difficult spot for me to be in :(

    ^ That's what guys constantly go through lol. I'm attracted to black women, and lots of other white guys are. Sometimes you may have to make a bigger effort to give the right signals that you're interested. If a guy thinks a woman won't like him because he's white, he may need a stronger signal from you to get the courage to approach.

  • I almost dated a black girl, if that helps any. There are guys out there who will go interracial, you just need to find them

  • Yes, most white guys do make a point to steer clear of black women. There are too many issues there and too many other women to date. Why should we chase after a group of girls among whom only about 10% like white guys? That, and think of all the cultural problems we'd encounter if our relationship got serious. Family issues, discrimination, potential violence from black guys especially... it's just not worth it. Relationships are hard enough without adding in all that stuff. Plus, black women aren't know to be the nicest women around. They tend to be pretty damn difficult, so there's that as well.

  • it's difficult?

  • You can get one. Interracial dating isn't a taboo thing. I've dated interracial, but I never sought out to. It was a situation where it just happened. I like women of all races and wouldn't limit myself to just one race because no race is better than the other in my book. I would never date interracial because of a fetish for a certain race, nor would I date a certain race because I think it will change my status nor would stereotype and put down my own race either.

  • Please don't listen to what bomdotcom wrote about white guys. She's so wrong.

    As a white guy I will say that a lot of us find black girls very attractive but we get the impression they are not into us. I think if you are nice to and show your interest in a guy and he is interested in you, he will likely ask you out. That's how it works for me. It's amazing how it piques a guy's interest in a girl when he thinks she is interested in him.

    • LOL
      that explains why white man-black girl couples are the least common. Yes, sure, white guys assume Asian and Hispanic women are into them but not black girls. That's the reason

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    • Yeah, I don't think she wants some uggo reject from the internet...
      she's likely talking about quality guys

    • How mature of you. ;)

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  • i have a white male friend who married a black woman. it's becoming more common these days.

  • If your conservative, intelligent, classy and very fit - white guys will date you. I've seen black woman date extremely attractive white guys and marry them.

  • I think guys of other racial backgrounds have this barrier up because
    of the race.
    They may like you but are scared to approach you.
    Just show them that you are not "stereotypical".
    Show indications that you are friendly.
    Smile, to show interest.
    Maybe wave, and show eye contact.
    Or even approach them and carry on a conversation.

    Some are not into black girls no matter how "friendly" you may appear.
    Others may already be taken which is why they may not try to approach you.
    You never really know 100% why a guy won't respond to your actions,
    the least you can do is try.

    Good luck!

  • Don't approach white men...

    They already perceive black women as aggressive. The ones who do date interracially tend to like Latinas and Asian women because those women are submissive and what they usually refer to white women as, "lazy" in terms of dating and doing the approaching.

    Again, don't approach.

    White guys who are open to interracial dating will approach YOU.

    Keep in mind you still have to send signals that you're interested. Few people want to approach thinking the feeling was mutual only to realize they were wayyyy off. Smile, say hi, make small talk but don't ask out.

    White guys have no problem asking out Latinas or Asian women...
    If they're open to dating black girls they'll do so.

    Most white men aren't attracted to black women, however. And even if you did hit on them, they wouldn't take it as a compliment.

    I also don't understand why you're judging who you like by race. It sounds more like you want the race than you do the guy.

    • Such a bleak outlook on white guys.

      If you hit on me, it's a compliment whether or not I'm attracted to you.

      But wow, to just up and say "No. just don't even try, they seek little more than to overpower submissive women." is really stretching it.

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    • And that statistic if less than 100 black woman-white man couples in the US is absolutely wrong. I've seen more than that with my own eyes.

    • It is the least common IR pairing :)
      And she mentioned being perceived as easy, not me.

  • You don't need them but some want you

  • Just talk to them in real life

  • It's funny because I'm either attracted to white guys or black. It has more to do with their style. I can't stand the "typical" Latino man look. So if they are not in that "typical" look and listen to normal music and dress normal then I don't mind.
    It just happens to be that the guys I flirt with easier are either black or white.
    But that's just like a small part of the whole picture. At the end I'll like the guy that's the "badass" that needs to be saved and yeah.
    Look you go after what you want that's all. If a guy responds in a good way that's awesome. If he doesn't then you move on, no big deal.
    People can talk a lot of shit, but in the end every person is different so different attraction is possible.
    Like a good friend of mine says all the time "I see women as women not because of their color"
    Just keep doing your thing. Don't see the bf search as a hunting thing. You just have fun, flirt and see what comes out of that.

  • Some are racist well most are in the u.s.

    • Preference =/= racism
      And black women are the only ones telling themselves that European men love black women. I've never heard a European man say that. Europe has a small black population and the few blacks there sometimes end up with white guys which makes the statistics seem skewed.

  • i dated 1 white guy before but he was a thug, he didn't have any white friends and only hang around black folks. lol the only time I really see white guys is when I'm at work or out shopping or something...they're just like any other guys. they like a cute girl but they are scared off by hoodness unless they are hood themselves. and since you said your not "stereotypical" then you should be fine. which by the way is a pet peeve of mine, I hate when black people qualify themselves with that "im not a stereotypical black person" line..no offense but that sh*ts weak, you don't see white people claiming "im not trailer trash/redneck/racist" so why do you feel you have to? if someone is gonna see a black woman and assume she's ghetto that's not someone you wanna waste time on anyway

    • I say it because that's the assumption everyone makes about black women right off the back, whether it's true or not. The kind of white guys I like, are mostly turned off by that sort of behavior so I stated it to emphasize I don't act that way. White people don't have to claim things like that because there's never anything negative associated with them. So it's not weak dear, it's solidifying a needed point.

    • everyone doesn't automatically think "ghetto" when they see a black woman, just ignorant people. there are definitely negative things associated with whites, 2 of which are being ignorant of others and arrogant (thinking they are superior). not all of them are like that but the ones who see a woman of color and automatically jump to "she must be ghetto" sure fall under that category. you didn't come off as ghetto in your question at all so anyone who would assume you are isn't worthy of your time.

    • True. It's probably just a natural thing for me to do because of personal experiences; I've always been labeled into that category by people who didn't even get the chance to know me, and I just want to reinforce that I'm more than just a damn color. The stereotypes about whites aren't nearly as bad as they are about blacks, so white can easily look the other way. But I get what your saying, and your completely right :)

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