Every time I see him he looks at me? confused.

so my best friends boyfriends friend always has parties and my best friend brings me anyways I know them all and okay w.e well one of the guys I was immediately attracted to but shy me never went for it or anything because I get so scared ANYWAYS the other night when I went he brought a girl (average looking twig body) anyways according to her its official but when someone said to him "i can't believe your off the market" he quickly replied no and looked at me? as the night went on his "girlfriend" kept talking and making comments to him but he acted as if he didn't hear her but when I would say something he answered quickly...and I would find him staring at me like what? and later I asked my best friend about the girl and she goes "that's the girl he really likes" SO WHAT THE HELL lol and I want him badly but I don't want to start issues. help


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  • He wants you secretly but doesn't want to admit it to others for some reason. He is most likely dating the other girl just to try and get your atention because most of the time girls are attrated to guys who are "taken". But I'm sure he really likes you.

  • Tell him how you feel.


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