What kind of guys do I attract? Personality, looks, etc

So I seem to attract kind of a random mixture of guys, some for my looks, some personality, and some both! I'm going to describe my personality type and a little bit of what I look like, then GUYS can tell me if you think you would be attracted to my looks/personality and if you think you are please include your looks/personality. Or if you have a friend that likes my "type" tell me his personality type. GIRLS if you are the same type as me, what kind of guys do you tend to attract?

Ok so my personality: when you first me meet I seem a little quiet, not shy or unconfident, just not very talkative. But after a hour(sometimes after 10 min) once I start to get to know u, I can keep a convo going and I'm funny. So if I'm hanging out with a small group of friends I'm my self, loud crazy funny and stupid sometimes , but not like air head stupid, just not making the best choices;) but then if 2 guys were to come over that my friend knew well but I was just acquaintances with, I would be all quiet again, until I "warmed" up to them. Its actually only like this with guys I don't know well, with girls I act like my normal self. Guys that just met me will even say to me and my friend "you never talk" but then my friends will say "nooo she's crazy and never shuts up!" and then once the guy gets to know me they're like "whoa you really are crazy!" with my guy friends I'm really outgoing so it's not guy, it's just the guys I don't know well. And I don't seem anti social or stand offish when guys first meet me, just quiet and a little shy.

I know it's hard to describe your looks without a picture, but just an overview of me: I'm 5'5" and 104lbs, 32C bra size. I'm petite and my boobs look big, but they're not saggy they're perky and proportionate for my body, sort of. I have lean thin legs and arms, and a slightly toned flat tummy. I get a dark bronze color tan from tanning at the beach in the summer, in the winter I'm a very light tan color, kinda like a coffee color with lots of creamer! I have big almond shaped Hazel brown eyes, a small cute nose and bigger lips(for a white girl anyways) That are full and rose colored. I have straight white teeth and dark brown hair with natural auburn highlights to the middle of my boobs that is a little wavy but I straiten it sometimes. I wear NO make up at all. I have a little bit of curves(32" breast, 26" waist, 34" hips).

Also I'm a big flirt even tho I'm quiet at first. I love making eye contact short and long when flirting and showing a little smile:)

So guys and girls, now that you have the descriptions Please help answer my questions above! And please include your own personality type and your body type/what you look like. THANKS!
Oh also for the looks...I have a cute round bubble butt, big for a white girl, lol and I don't have cellulite anywhere on me. So if your a butt guy...;)


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  • I really think it all depends on your Thromboic disability attraction factor I mean like Kant Roosevelt said :

    "Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis is a condition featuring attacks of muscle weakness in the presence of hyperthyroidism (overactivity of the thyroid gland pictured). Hypokalemia (decreased potassium levels in the blood) is usually present during attacks. The condition may be life-threatening if weakness of the breathing muscles leads to respiratory failure, or if the low potassium levels lead to cardiac arrhythmias (irregularities in the heart rate). If untreated, it is typically recurrent in nature. The condition has been linked with genetic mutations in genes that code for certain ion channels that transport electrolytes (sodium and potassium) across cell membranes. Treatment of the hypokalemia, followed by correction of the hyperthyroidism, leads to complete resolution of the attacks. It occurs predominantly in males of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Korean descent. Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis is one of several conditions that can cause periodic paralysis."

    'nuff said!


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  • By your description, you're hot.

    Your secret personality is irrelevant. The whole 'I'm shy with new people but crazy around my friends' - guess what, everyone thinks that.

    You are attracting guys with your looks, period.

    This doesn't mean you're not a great person, and if you keep guys, the personality will be a big factor.

    But you might want to work on being a little less shy. Though from the sounds of it, for the next 15 years or so you could probably just ride your looks and make guys do all the work.

  • well first of all I'm looking for a girl pretty much just like you! and not trying to be corny or anything but you remind me of myself a little bit personality wise, like if you were to just meet me you would probably think wow he's really quiet, but I'm just really shy at firs, but if you get me around some of my best friends I am talkative and funny and love to have a good time. on looks side I am 6'2" with a mid dark tan, I have brown hair that is semi short and bluish grey eyes, I work out almost every day so I'm not one of those tall lanky kids haha


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  • "What kind of guys do I attract?" "So I seem to attract kind of a random mixture of guys"


    • Yah I'm just curious to see what other girls like me have what type of guys attracted to them

    • Okay, but you're asking what kind of guys you'd attract, and it sounds like you know pretty well. Anyway, the "types" you gave don't really make sense. Everyone's attracted to other people (guys and girls) for lots of different reasons, not just personality or looks or both. It's silly to categorize guys by those three choices.

  • Don't worry about it.


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