What hairstyle would I suit?

Okay so my hair is getting done tomorrow and I am bored of how I look. I want a stunning hairstyle but I don't know my face shape. Currently I have side swept bangs but I used to have a full fringe (I never want to redo that).

Here is a pic of what I look like:


If you have any ideas of what I might suit please reply. Also I apologize for the bad lighting, it was taken inside and I didn't want to edit it because it wouldn't look good.


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What Guys Said 1

  • The one in the pic is pretty cute. For it to be stunning, you'll have to grow it a little longer.

    • I mean what type of haircut but thank you I love that hairstyle! :) xx

    • I'm a guy, I don't know what hair style would suit you.

    • okayy xx

What Girls Said 1

  • hmm I guess such a pony would suit you link

    it`s hard to say probably you can get some light brown highlights...


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