Current girl you are talking to is nowhere near as attractive as your ex?

Any of you guys ever been in this situation? where the current girl you are talking to is no where near as attractive as your ex? This guy I just started talking to seems to be into me, but its hard to be confident enough because his last girl was gorgeous, and I'm alright, just not like her. Do you guys constantly think about things like that when you are with your new girl? or does it not even phase you?


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  • we usually don't. And no matter how hot she may have been, it's over for a reason. If a guy is still hung up on an ex, it most likely isn't for that superficial of a reason. It's more likely that she was a total bitch and screwed him over, and so the anger and frustration has associated passion with her, not her looks.

    I've been a guy who had a much better looking ex than the next girl, and to be honest I never once thought to myself "sh*t, why can't she be like that other girl". That's just f***ed up.

    Besides, beauty really is on the inside. Some of the most "beautiful" people I've ever met where "plain" on the outside. Most "hot" girls are assholes inside. Count yourself lucky not to be one.

    • damn...what an awesome answer, thank you! :D

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  • We don't keep "computing" your beauty in a mathematical scale and compare you to our ex's score. =)

    Do not forget that him and his ex BROKE UP FOR A REASON! A reason that has nothing to do with beauty (because she was already beautiful), meaning that he won't be really focusing on comparing you to his ex in terms of beauty.

    • thanks for your advice :)

  • I don't compare the girls I'm with. I'm usually attracted to them all the same in their own unique way.


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