Is something wrong with me?

I sometimes feel like something is wrong with me. I am 20 years old and I have never had a boyfriend and haven't even kissed someone. I just feel like it's sad that I haven't done any of those things. Any advice?


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  • i used to be that same way, even though I'm 16 and younger than you I went through the same thing. I had went all through my years of school being laughed at because I didn't have a boyfriend or I haven't had my first kiss yet. I didn't have my first kiss till 15 nd my 1st boyfriend at 15. but bein 20 nd haven't done these things isn't bad. I know someone wayyyyyyyyyyyyy older than 20 and they still haven't done these things either. its OK. trust me no matter how bad you think your situation is its always someone else out there that's worse off than you are. but just relax its nothing wrong with you you will find that special someone just be patient :)


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  • Nothing's wrong with you if you have never had a relationship. You just haven't met the right person. What's your personality like (shy, outgoing, girly-girl, etc.)? And how woild you rate your flirting abilities?

    • I'm a shy girly-girl. I sometimes am too afraid to flirt.

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    • Thanks for the advice. I do appreciate it. :)

    • Don't get desperate, mind you, but there's nothing wrong with desiring companionship. I understand it can be frustrating at times. Good luck!

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  • Don't waste your time and energy on being sad. Go out a lot more, engage in different classes, play sports, etc.. and you'll find a good man for you :)


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