What to do with my blah hair for tomorrow?

I haven't gotten it cut in a long time, so its all grown out and I have long bangs (Just below lips) and "boob length" hair (sorry that's the only way to describe it. hahah :) anyways I don't want a snookie pouf or just braids I want something nice and fun to do with it! Its naturally straight but I want it to look good tomorrow...Can you give me some links?


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  • What color and texture is it? You didn't give us much to go with, haha. For cute/sexy and fun, I'd add in some curls. Try something like this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=picbsqUebTA

    • Its kind of thin-ish, its dark blone with copper highlights, do you have any other styles for thinnish hair? interesting?

    • Here's a better tutorial for thinner hair - link

      If you have thin and straight hair naturally, I think it would be a lot of fun to do something different. Voluminous and wavy is perfect. You said you didn't want to braid it and putting it up in any manner isn't really that fun I think.

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