HONESTLY, what do guys want in a girl?

what makes a girl datable?

what type of things do you like about us girls?


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  • Can't say for the other dudes, but here's what I say on this matter- We like girls who stimulate us and make us think about 'em a lot. not just for their bodies or sexual expertise, but it's the spirit of a lady that will set her apart in our minds. Then, it's the body, the personal style (whether ur a sporty chick or a really prissy gul, it's the style, the package ladies show us). Next, it's attitude- also, whether we're in the market for a hellcat or a 21st Century June Cleaver/Megan Fox, that's what we'll be lookin for. Plus, we like the way girls wear a pair of jeans (the more curves, the better), also, we like how ladies wear perfume, the way y'all wear ur hair, make-up, and so on. Like I said earlier, it's the whole package and how you ladies present it. And as for what makes a girl datable. it's how well a guy can mesh with a lady. how comfortable he feels around her. Plus, it's a matter of just how bad he mite wanna be seen with ya. then again, just one man's thoughts


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  • I got one word for you: Spirit. Shyness in a girl is ok for awhile, but if you show a lot of spirit, man are we going to marvel at you for days on end. :-) In all honesty that kind of attitude can turn a 6 into a 10. You might not be that good looking, but damn girl your spirited mentality makes you seem very sexy!

  • Just be you'r self no mind games .


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