My mom hasn't seen my kids in 4 years but when it came down to seeing them she?

Put yourself in my shoes. Last year my one of my younger sisters got married. She lives out of state do does everyone else in the family. Its been 4 years since my mom has seen me or my kids and vice versa for everyone else. We all get there my other brother and other sister.. my mom my little brother and her husband. My little brother got an an ear infection and my mom attended to him the first day. We were there for 3 days and my mom didn't take at least 5 minutes aside to bond with her grandchildren that she hasn't seen or talk to in 4 years. my kids are the only grandchildren she has. Anyways I called her out on it. after and she first says sorry but it was all about my sister she didn't have time for anything else. wtf..then she says my son had an ear infection. My little brother was only sick 4 one day ...there were plenty of breaks but she chose not to take part in it. She says she is sorry that she didn't live up to my expectations...can anyone honestly tell me what's wrong with this picture?


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  • My father-in-law met my first 2 kids and seemed like he wanted a relationship. Then he had a falling out with his son (my husband) over something totally stupid (nothing really). Then he stops talking to us. This was over 5 years ago! We saw them at his grandfathers funeral and he doesn't even look at our kids! His sister and mom were like "wtf? who would ignore their flesh and blood grandchildren?" I don't care if they never talk us ever again, but I have no beef with them and never did anything wrong. They don't even send a damn birthday card once in awhile. geez. I'd even fly them out to visit so they know their grandfather. Whatever, who knows why people do the things they do.


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