How do you show a guy your interested without looking desperate?

Or scaring him away? Like where do you draw the line? :)


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  • Just be yourself

    Be a little desprate.. Guys like a little.. Don't be pushy

    But again...


    • What qualities as desperate?

    • Just don't be pushy.. Oh and don't be clingy

      Pushy is a girl who always calls the guy 100 times in 10 min.. Always pushin the guy around

      Clingly is a girl who never wants to be alone.. Always getting the guy to come with them.. Always hugging them more then comfortable amout of time..

      Desperate is not that bad.. Be a little desperate.. Its Telling him how you feel and that your worried about it.. And telling him about family problems that might interfear with you and him.. That's desperate

    • Thank you for explaining :)

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  • don't worry about looking desperate. unless you stand outside his window singing to him at midnight, nothing you can do will look desperate

    • Haha! So I shouldn't serenade him? That must be where I went wrong last time jk jk thanks

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