How can I look more approachable?

I was wondering why only unattractive guys tend to have enough balls to approach me. When I go out to the club or even to the gym, only guys that I never would take a second glance at try to talk to me.

I have never been approached by a decent guy that I thought was cute. Is it because the unattractive guys don't have anything to lose? I don't want to sound like a snob or anything, but I'm not ugly so why don't hot guys try to ask me out? Are the more attractive guys scared to approach me because I look like I might have a boyfriend or what is it? I'm tired of being single after a series of hopeless relationships and I want a boyfriend.

Did I mention the only guys that approach me are creeps. saying I'm hot and stuff like that. I find it very disrespectful if a guy grabs my waste and I don't even know him.. that's why I asked this question. ONLY CREEPS TALK TO ME.


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  • Maybe you're nerd-hot. Like a brunette who's really cute but not sexy hot, so creepy nerd guys always hit on you.

    If you want to be more approachable by non-creeps, look like what the average guy wants.

    Wear contacts if you got glasses. Dye your hair blonde. Wear sporty clothing, like you see the hot girls at the gym wear.

    If you truly are just a pretty hot girl, most guys might just figure damn she's out of my league. Be really nice and easy going. Don't strut like a stuck up girl, walk casual. Smile a lot. Laugh and have a good time. Be really playful and flirty. The more comfortable you are around guys, the more guys are going to be comfortable around you.

    DO NOT sit in a corner. I see this mistake at parties a lot where 2 hot girls come in to a party, have a seat just by themselves on a corner couch or something, and wait 15 minutes for a guy to talk to them, which if it doesn't happen they get up to leave. You gotta be outgoing about it if you want to get more guys coming up to you.


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  • First of all, what makes a man "hot" to you it seems as though you are looking purely at the physical appearance. I'm sure these men are decent guys even if they don't look at Brad Pitt. Give these guys credit, they are at the gym trying to improve their health and body.

    Beauty goes more than skin deep. Talk to one of these guys. Who knows you might find out that you genuinely like one these guys.

    Besides, you said it yourself, you are tired of being single and you want a boyfriend, give a guy a chance he may surprise you. Just because he doesn't look like a movie star doesn't mean he is a bad guy

  • I've answered this similar question to someone else before. And I'll repost it here again, perhaps it'll help you. If it does, you're welcome to message me for more details... (I should write an article on this)


    If you really want to let men know that you are not looking for a man who MUST offer more status, power, etc, then you have to send out the right messages by how you dress, behave(body language), and talk. You need to dress DOWN if you are wearing fancy clothing. NO chanell, LV, versace, so on. Just wear regular clothing, nothing flashy or glamorous. Next is your body language, are you walking too fast? Slow down your walk if you are. Don't cross your arms at any given moment. How often do you smile? The answer should be 80% or more of the time.

    When a woman smiles a lot (this does not mean laughing, but smiling), it may mean that she is an agreeable person, which then implies that she will not be judgmental. If you're not judgmental, it implies a world of positive things...which will make you even more approachable and him being less worried about rejection. Next is how you present yourself. Are you trying to show that you are perfect? The only only people who want someone else who's "perfect" are the people who either have really low self esteem or obsessed with perfectionism. So it's a good idea to show some of you flaws. This makes you seem more "down to earth" more approachable.

    Lastly, and probably one of the most important thing you can do, is being alone sometimes. Yep, when a woman is doing some activity by herself...eating lunch, listening to music, just sitting there and looking at the sky(sounds dorky but very appealing to guys who lacks the initiative), it signifies that she is AVAILABLE, that she is INDEPENDENT, but also she NEEDS a companion to do these activities with.

    The WORST thing you can do is be on your cellphone 24/7... Personally, when I see a gal checking on or talking on her cellphone most of the time... I don't even bother talking to her because

    1) she's probably has too many friends and don't need any more,

    2) has a boy,

    3) needy/clingy and can't stand being alone,

    4) has no sense of fun except talking, 5) just UGGH BAD!!

  • Maybe you should approach the guys you like. trust me guys like being approached by girls,

    Good looking guys hate to be turned down. Number one reason why I don't approach a girl most times. So you have to give them some kind of signal, maybe a smile, or something, to let him know you're interested. Then he'll take it from there.

  • I understand your problem. It can be f***king irritating sometimes. (all the time). It is more than a mere coincidence that you are only approached by creeps. It is because you got an attitude problem? Try to appear more friendly. Here is a tip ,. Always SMILE.

    • Thanks but I DO NOT have an attitude problem. I am VERY friendly. I am always nice to everyone I meet. I don't see a problem with my attitude whatsoever :)

  • You should take action and ask the hot or handsome guys (however you wanna put it).if they are scared. You need to be courageous and go for it. Hope you find a good guy.


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