If somebody thinks you are ugly are they secretly hating you?

I asked a Chinese girl whose known me over 20 years of she thought I was pretty in high school and she said she could not answer that because she did not remember what I looked like back than, I’m Chinese and she said Chinese Priscilla chan is extremely ugly and I think I look like Priscilla. She seems to have a habit of viewing Chinese woman as uglier than other races cause I’m not the only Chinese woman she has concluded is ugly. Anyway this friend is constantly disrespecting me when we are alone together, so I think she is just using me as an ego boost cause she’s married to a multi millionaire and I’m making a middle class income at my job.

There was a guy in my university who had no idea who I was having spent very little time with me who slandered me and gossiped about me constantly, making up disgusting lies about me and the type of person I was and pretending to pray for me to others to get attention for being a socially altruistic person. He told me I was so ugly that even if I was perfect like Jesus only 2% of guys would consider dating me. His best friend liked me so much that he stalked me online for 14 hours a day so I think the imposter said I was ugly because he was so full of hatred towards me that this caused him to be biased in his visual assessment of my anatomical features.

If I like somebody personality wise, they could be 300 pounds and I will not think of them as ugly so would you say that somebody who thinks your ugly is only pretending to be your friend?
If somebody thinks you are ugly are they secretly hating you?
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