What kind of girl do you consider hot, beautiful, and cute?

What kind of girl do you consider hot, beautiful, and cute?


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  • depends on the guy... and when you say hot, beautiful and cute, you just want physical appearance answers... physical appearance isn't everything but it sure does help... I find a girl "hot" when she has a pretty athletic body, and has nice hair and curves in the right places... ... I find a girl "beautiful" when she doesn't have to wear make-up to look good at all... and when her style of clothing is unique... and cute is what I call girls that are small or have small feature in their face like small lips... but all of these usually still depend on the guy...


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  • Do you really wanna know? OK!

    the girl who SUBMITS to me, the girl who says I'M ALL YOURS AND YOUR WISHES ARE MY COMMAND!, the girl who ADORES being a HOUSEWIFE! a girl who have FULL LOVE in her heart and an INNOCENT one! who NEEDS a man TO LIVE!

  • Rosie Huntingion..."hot" (for image not for brains)

    Princees Diana..."Beautiful" (had heart and brains...truly beautiful)

    Renee Zellweger..."cute" ( cause she is funny ...actually she is beautiful too)

    I am confused by your question.


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