Do you prefer an average looking girl or above average?

people ask if you prefer cute, pretty, or hot. but I wanna know how cute,pretty and hot you want.

i feel like most people would want above average, who wouldn't wanna have a hot person by their side? but then again everyones different. I'm sure all of us is friends with someone hot, but ended up choosing someone else...why? personality? I below or average? there's no above cause I'm know I'm not up there yet. or ever LOL if you don't like asains and think they suck...i guess you don't have to say anything haha


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What Guys Said 1

  • People who believe in all that vanity crap only hurt themselves in the end. I love personality and personality can possess cute , pretty and hot. Its all about the attitude of the individual that makes it or breaks it for me. By the way you really pretty :) I love Asian women too... are you Thai?

    • yea that's what my friend said too :o that my personality is what makes me cute. not my face haha

      we need more guys that :(

      well I don't believe you! but thanks if you meant it lol and wow I never been mistaken for thai before ha ha I'm chinese!

    • Yes I meant it :) I agree the majority of people date based on looks but those are sexually motivated there is no substance beyond the physical and that gets boring quickly. I like someone who can challenge me intellectually and who I can communicate with (very important) who is very loving and it's the reason I'm still single lol I'd rather be picky than settle. You right everyone is different. Either way you a looker.

What Girls Said 1

  • You look like a pretty Asian to me :) and you sound like you have an awesome personality! All around beautiful person to me!

    • you sound pretty cute too lol but then again you're still young so why wouldn't you be cute :3

    • aww shucks I'm speechless lol

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