How common is it for guys to avoid eye contact or ignore you when they like you?

I have been trying to figure out why certain guys almost seem to go out of their way to not make eye contact with me or act like I'm invisible. When you have someone interacting with every single person at a table and making eye contact with them but not you, what is that about? I get along great with everyone so there is no reason for them to be standoffish or blatant about not even looking in my direction. Someone told me that if a guy is interested in a girl they may ignore them sometimes because they are scared or intimidated. Is this true? And if so is it more common than not? Please tell me so that I don't continue to be so baffled and hurt by this!


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  • Ok, I don't know how common per se, but this gorgeous, extremely shy guy (a few years younger than me) has a crush on me (after our initial eye contact, he displays all the attraction body language towards me whenever we are in close proximity): I catch him staring from far, glimpses at me close up (openly look when I'm not looking, my friend has confirmed this. time again) but would NEVER make eye contact with me. This frustrated me because it was always tense around him, and his friends would always stare at me.

    He's shy, and I like him too and it wasnt until I decided to approach him and say hi that he will now look me in the eyes, and it is always intense, never smiles when we say hi in passing.only smiles if I make him laugh, or tries to hold in his smile when we speak.

    Anyway I also noticed that he would be in the same place as me at the same time, but if he did something that he felt that I would see as weird/awkward.whatever negative things he tells hisself, he would disappear/avoid me like the plague! (my friend would say he's in hiding) and reappear after a few days or so. in fact I've noticed him approaching and upon seeing me, has turned and gone the other direction, thinking I haven't noticed! So yes, intimidation.fear of rejection.feeling awkward about their feelings perhaps. may be things that makes some guys display these flight/fight symptoms. I think. hope this helps : /

    • Thank you so much for sharing your example! He does seem to avoid me like the plague and will barely acknowledge a reply when I speak to him. But then he added me on facebook as a friend and is pretty talkative on there. It's all been very confusing to me.

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  • I do that sometimes. Yes, it is on purpose sometimes but not avoiding all eye contact though. It's supposed to be a smooth process but it takes time to perfect it. I have a friend that does it a lot but he is extremely shy. But sometimes, if the girl is REALLY attractive, I do it just so I don't get caught starring.


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