Do girls know that guys go through pains to look good for them to?

Really I know girls do A LOT to look good for us guys. But do you know that some guys put a lot into looking good for you girls to? Yea we don't hav make up, heals, or girdles/spanx. But I know I go through routines to look good for my girlfriend. I know many guys that do the same to. And NO before you go there I'm not what would be called metro. I just know what my girlfriend likes and I do it because I know she does as much if not more for me. So ladies, do you know there are some guys that try to meet you half way to?
Man I'm just just saying, from my personal experience, women I've dated including my current girlfriend ALWAYS put in a effort. I like to think any part of a relationship should be a two way street. Unless me and my girlfriend agree it will be a literal lazy day then I want to put in the effort to look good like she does. it just shows how much you appreciate the one your with. Feel me?


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  • The guy I was dating always looked good. He had his own style and didn't go out in just a ratty t-shirt. I appreciated it and thought the effort he put into his appearance for me was sexy.


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  • Yes, I do notice when my boyfriend does stuff to look good for me. Like he will shower before coming over, even if he hasn't sweated or anything, he still does. Gets his hair cut, is conscious of what he wears and always asks my opinion. Not that I tell him what he should do, he just wants to make me happy I guess :P I could care less if he came to the door in what he normally wore or just something he threw on :P But that is his choice and I think he looks great!

  • yeah we know that. we can tell which guys make an effort and which guys don't by looking at them


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  • It's such a pain to comb my hair, wash my armpits, sometimes shave my balls and shave off the stubble if I feel like it.

    Dude, we don't need to go through pain. We're already brilliant.


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