Do you think thrilling rides in theme parks are for everyone?

In response to a few roller coaster related questions posted here, I'd like to ask, do you think thrilling rides are for everyone?

And also, has anyone tried thrilling rides in theme parks and got even more scared than before? I felt that way. Not only that, I realized that I have motion sickness and I'm afraid of free fall feeling, but not heights. I tried to overcome this a couple of times, but it got worse and worse. My friends find it real fun to try one after another. Mine was the converse and my face was really pale because of feeling so scared after some rides. Has anyone encountered this problem in specific? How do you really overcome it?
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  • I hate, HATE, roller coasters. I used to kind of like them when I was really little. Then, when I was around 5, we went to Disneyland. I was the exact weight requirement for the tower of terror, so I got to ride it. The ride just had that metal bar that goes across your legs, but because I was little mine didn't fit properly under the bar. Long story short, my dad basically had to hold me down whenever it dropped. Ever since, I can't deal with the sense of free falling. I literally start shaking when I have to ride a roller coaster or anything else that involves free falling.

    • You have the exact same problem as I do, though different story. but have you ever tried to overcome the fear of the sense of free falling? Because of this fear, I shake quite a lot when there are turbulences on the plane >.< (though I know we are fine)

    • I haven't ever really set out with the goal of overcoming it. Actually, for a long time I would forget about it until I got myself into a situation requiring me to experience that feeling.

    • same. do you feel scared in a flight with turbulence?

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What Guys Said 3

  • about a year of two ago,i used to be quite afraid of those theme-parks,but then I saw my buddies enjoying it &gave it a was a bit frightening initially,but now,its not tht exciting,so I hv almost stopped going to theme-parks..

    • so theme park is just something you don't quite enjoy, if I didn't read you wrongly?

    • used to enjoy,not anymore.

    • alright

  • it's not for everyone, but everyone should at least try it once to make sure.

    • fair point :)

    • sh*t I went for one today. I ended up feeling not great rather than having fun. I don't get why people kept saying "go for it" and kept telling me that everyone seem to enjoy and had fun after riding it. I hate myself.

    • Then don't do it, no big deal if you don't enjoy em.

  • If you don't like them, you don't like them. Not everyone likes everything.

    • cool, I like your answer.

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    • too bad. you just had to post up such a handsome profile pic

    • Well, I am a dapper guy. I suppose it's reasonable for you to fall madly in love with my visage, you're only human, after all.

What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think they are for everyone, but if your brave enough you should definitely try them.

    I'm an intense coaster fanatic lol the higher and twistier the better XD

    Maybe your starting to pyche yourself out, and motion sickness can cause your body to go into sort of a panicked mode because you start feeling ill. Too much adrenaline may be getting pumped which causes it to become worse during the rides, and by the time it's over, you've had enough.

    I haven't had issues with that specifically, but my best bet would be for you to stick with less thrilling rides and ones you can handle. Amusement parks are for fun, you shouldn't be feeling awful when you go.

    • Thanks. I don't feel "psyched out", but I realize that instead of trying and braving myself up for these thrilling rides (ya know, friends always say "give it go, come on, it'd be fun"). Instead, most of the time, I don't feel happy or as fun as how they felt and my face becomes pale. I can handle some roller coaster rides, but there are some other rides that make my legs/hands shiver. My friends thought I was useless or I was just being too panicky, but I've really calmed myself up b4 doing it

  • No. some people aren't into it and that's OK if that's not their thing


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