Guys, why are you cowards when it comes to answering an emotional question?

I recently met this guy and we had an instant attraction..

We've been hanging out for a few weeks but I've noticed he goes back and forth when it comes to how he acts towards me. When it's just him and I you'd think he was madly in love with me, but other times he seems cold and barely acknowledges that we even have a connection.

So, being the forward girl that I am I called him out on it and point blank asked (in a text lol) why he's sending mixed signals...12 hours later and I haven't heard a single peep from the dude.

What is so hard about being honest about your emotions?!? (or even lack of emotions)


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  • Because if we put it all out there, we're 'clingy'.

    • Yeah but there's a fine line. If you don't put it out there at all then I'm going to assume you aren't interested, get pissed, and stop talking to you lol.

    • I always risk being clingy. I love being in love.

    • Haha guys should risk being clingy more often.

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  • This question is a little older, but I'm suuperr curious if you figured out the 'back and forth' thing.

    I do it and I hate that I do it. I'd always been into short-term relationships - 3 months max - and f*** friends. I'd be plenty friendly when alone with the girl, but in public it would be hard to tell if we were together. I did this, I think, because I didn't want her to get too close to me, And because I knew there were potentially other guys she knew, that were after her, and I had no desire to get mixed up in drama with a girl I'd had no plans on investing a lot of time in. I don't know if that makes sense...

    ANYWAY, I was into this style of dating because I don't want to ever wonder what else is out there. I want to know that who I have is the best for Me, and that I'm the best for Them.

    For the past year or two I've been trying to do longer-term relationships - unsuccessfully. I'm having trouble showing proper interest...I think...

    If you still exist on here, let me know if you figured that type of behavior out, or at least have any ideas about it because maybe I'm wrong about myself.

  • Hah. you say "guys" like were all like this just because your dealing with one dude who don't have the balls to say he's just not that into you

    • No, actually, I say 'guys' because it's not just one guy. It's plural. I know and hear about tons of guys just like that. If you are not like that, GOOD, then it shouldn't be offensive to you.

    • Wow where you living? I gotta buncha softeez that have no problem spilling guts to everybody under the moon,

    • Haha guess I'm just surrounded by guys trying to act like hard asses.

  • It's kinda annoying talking about lack of emotions. I don't know why girls go on about it so often. I don't talk about emotions to anyone either, not even my girlfriend of 4 years. Pretty much because I hardly have any, so there's nothing to talk about. If apathy was an emotion then we could chat all day, but then I'd probably be too apathetic to do that.

    • Hahaha. I have a feeling my girl-tendencies are getting the best of me and I'm thinking about things too much.

    • Haha quite possibly. Don't feel bad about it, all girls do it. It's just bloody painful for us to sit through.

  • Just because I am male...does not mean that I can answer your question...I will say that a text is a hell of a way to ask an intensely personal question..but..then..maybe that's easier than facing u.directly. Speaking personally,I get a lot braver if you give me a couple of drinks...

    • I figured he'd be more comfortable if I texted it than if I called him up and grilled him about it, because I don't want to seem clingy either.. and I don't get what you have to 'get brave' about? Either you like me, or you don't. It stupefies me as to why that is so hard to express.

    • heh heh...It is not necessarily related to whether or not we like u...males are not comfortable discussing emotional stuff...we are trained to be that way...

    • It's terrible lol.

  • I'm not like that. It's a sign he has some maturing to do.

    • Good point. We are 23 so can't argue with that.

    • Oh. Was unaware of the age. Well, um, I guess there are guys who don't know how to or can't discuss their feelings/emotions. Or maybe he is actually worried you might think him a sissy if he spills it all out.

  • way to make a generalization on a whole entire gender lol. Maybe you like him waaaaay more then he likes you and you read him wrong. Fyi I can talk about my feeling with a girl I'm close to.

    • Oh please, Get over it. lol You do have a point about the reading him wrong thing

  • Clearly he doesn't have a manual ;)


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